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Characteristics of Talent Cultivation of KPC

     For HR and Managers:
             Provide Course Development for Hard Technology of Management
     Practice of Talent Development Service:
            Establish Talent Development System Based on Performance Improvement

  KPC has developed systematic consulting courses based on consulting business. KPC courses feature hard technology of management and show core technology system requirements of organizational management and human capital management, as KPC’s courses are practical and professional development results of consulting practice.

 KPC’s practice of talent development service- establish talent development system based on performance improvement which is a characteristic talent development system that shifts focus from simple classroom training and classroom presentation to working practice and practical results.


1.Establishment of Talent Development System Based on Performance Improvement


 Current Challenges that Enterprises Face: Changing Concepts and Increasing Knowledge at Earlier Stage, Seeking Strategies and Producing Practical Results at Later Stage

  Current challenges that enterprises face in talent development: it is required that talent development work shall focus on course training (input) at earlier stage and also shall focus on output, namely performance, at later stage; it is required that talent development work shall change concepts, raise awareness and increase knowledge, and also shall provide current work improvement strategy and improvement method based on actual work needs and produce practical results at later period.


     KPC’s Solutions: Establish Talent Development System Based on Performance Improvement

KPC establishes cyclical practice improvement system of disparity assessment, self-cognition, personal development diagnosis, personal development planning, practice optimization guidance and result feedback, and assists in implementing this system, to cultivate practical talents for enterprises, instead of making enterprises become the “Whampoa Military Academy in the society”.

    2.KPC provide HRs and Managers with a  wide range of management training courses .

  1)Organization Management

            HR Management during Organizational Change-Performance Optimization Management, Position and Power & Responsibility Setting

           Position Analysis and Evaluation

           HR: How to Drive Organizational Change with Professional Technology

 2)Performance Management

  •     KPI and NON-KPI Performance Management Operation Practice 

        Quantitative Performance Management

         Strategic Thoughts on Organizational Performance Diagnosis and Excellent Performance Management

      Production Team Performance Incentive Program Design 

     Performance Management Based on Competency Model 

     Performance Target Setting and Operation Plan Methods  Salary Structure Design

 3)Compensation Management

     Payroll MasterTM

     Salary Structure Design

  Optimization of Salary Structure and Management on Annual Salary Adjustment: Methods and Practices 

     Long-term Salary Design Based on Talent Retention

           Calculation and Management of Income Tax of Foreign Employees’ Salary

     EXCEL Skill Training of Salary Management

            Production Team Performance Incentive Program Design

     Sales Personnel Salary and Performance Incentive Program Design

     Comprehensive Salary: System, Strategy and Method

 4)Talent Development

       Competency-Based Recruitment

 •       Competency Modeling

 •     3H: Production Personnel Allocation Method and Calculation

 •     3H: Enterprise Personnel Allocation Method and Management

      Attracting and Retaining Key Talents  

    5 HR Compliance 

         HR Toolkit for Employment and Termination

          HR Management System: How to Fulfill Democratic Procedures


3. Internal Training Courses  

   Provide internal training courses on organizational management and HR management based on clients’ demand.



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