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Key Performance Consulting: A Developer of Professional HR Management Technology

1.     Profile of KPC

 Abbreviations and Registered Trademarks

“嘉博咨询” is short for “上海嘉博管理咨询有限公司” in Chinese. The name in English is “Key Performance Consulting”, and “KPC” and “KPC group” are its abbreviations. “嘉博咨询”, “KPC”, “Key Performance” and “Key Performance Consulting” are the company’s registered trademarks.

 Advantages and Features

Expert in OD&HR management,  KPC provide our clients with design solutions and advisory services in organization and human capital management.  We are one of the most professional HR service providers in HR Business Process and Risks Outsourcing,  talent development,  knowledge management and HR management tool development.

KPC possess world-leading technologies in organization structure and management control system design,  compensation management,  performance management and talent development.  We have distinctive competitive edges in salary structure design,  workforce planning,  quantitative performance management,  responsibility-authority system design and HR compliance management.


2.   Core Team and Core Service

  Our Team: Experienced Professionals with China Local Knowledge and World Vision

KPC’s consultants bring together a leading mix of experiences from reputable HR consulting and training firms, e.g. Bearing Point, Mercer, Hewitt, AMA, etc. Help our clients achieve business strategy.

 •   Chief  Research Fellow

KPC's Chief Reasearch Fellow,Dr. Bojun Wu,was the former vice president of AMA Training Center,Asia Pacific.

   Core Service Areas: Organizational Management Consulting, Human Capital Consulting

Include: organization and operation power & responsibility consulting, salary and performance improvement consulting, capability and talent development consulting, compliance and HR management practices consulting.

Service forms include>>"Management Consuting" "HR Outsourcing" "Talent Development""Knowledge Services"

3. Values about Consulting Work

1)  “Independent ideas, scientific ideas, valuable ideas”. KPC pursues independent academic ideas and just, fair and professional third-party role, to develop and design management programs that can solve problems and create value for enterprises and organizations.
2)  “Pursuing and practicing logical consulting instead of simple template-based consulting”. KPC attaches importance to not only research on best practices but also application of operation logic, management science and quantitative method, in order to avoid defects of template-based consulting method.
3)  “Rigorous, scientific, innovative and responsible”, “professional, valuable and problem-solving”. Management consultants must provide “professional, valuable and problem-solving” solutions for clients based on “rigorous, scientific, innovative and responsible” professional requirement.
4)  “Survival, interest and responsibility”. “Management consulting is not only our independent survival skill but also our occupational interest and occupational responsibility”.

 4.   Independent Intellectual Property Rights of KPC

   Pioneering Business and Intellectual Property Rights

We have achieved certain results in development of organizational management tools and HR management tools:
1.  The first one to have developed “salary calculation master” management program and operation guide (intellectual property rights certificate number: 2010-A-030792)
2.  The first one to have developed “production personnel allocation method and calculation system based on business objectives” (intellectual property rights certificate number: 2010-A-030770)
3.  The first one to have developed “power & responsibility control system design method based on client mode”
4.  The first one to have developed “performance scoring method based on management forecast”
5.  Have independently developed an essential tool for salary design- KPC Position Appraisal System KeyPositionGrading(KPG2.0)
6.  Have independently developed an essential tool for capability model design 2-1:KeyBehaviorCompetency
7. Have independently developed an essential tool for capability model design  2-2:KeyBehaviorCompetency      
8.  Have independently developed a key system for talent development: Performance-based Talent Development System

5. Vision and Values of KPC



Become a leader of management tool development and consulting program design in consulting field of “helping enterprises turn strategies into reality”.

 •  Values

1. For the society: turn management concepts into application management tools to promote the creation of more value with management science for the society.
2.  For enterprises (clients): help enterprises turn strategies into reality through optimization of control system and development of talent resources.
3.  For individuals (clients): make work more effective and make cooperation happier.
4.  For countries where we do business: operate in full accord with customs and laws.
5.  For KPC team members: develop members’ potential to create value for the society and co-create healthy, rich and honorable life.
6.  For KPC investors: realize sustainable development of KPC and create long-term value for shareholders.




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